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A journey from 9 to 5 to Climate change coach & co-founder | A conversation with Charly Cox

How can you start making an impact in your career and take steps to help tackle climate change? Do you need to get a completely different job or can you find a way to ignite change within your organisation? What can a career with purpose look like when you have left the charity sector? Charly has changed career several times until she found out what resonated most with her. From starting her journey within the charity sector, to travelling to Sierra Leone and... oh yes setting up a creative agency to empower the local community (!), Charly talks us through her life changing experiences and wake-up call that led her to co-found the purposeful agency- the Climate Change Coaches. In this interview, she shares her learning and provides valuable insight into working for various organisations as well as setting up a business... for the right reason! Have a listen now. Find out more about Charly Cox and the Climate Change Coaches. Connect In Coaching specialises in Careers transitions with Purpose and Positive Impact. Get in touch for more information on:

  • Free upcoming Career Change Coaching workshops

  • The Career Change Programme

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