Career Coaching

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Do you have the intuition that there must be more you can live and create?

How can Career Coaching help you?

If you have a gut feeling that there is so much more you could be and do with your career, and that something needs to change- then I think you are right where you are supposed to be. We spend most of our life working, and  this time is valuable so we should use it wisely and feel connected.


Too often, we are not using our potential to the fullest and it can leave us disheartened or demotivated. I do believe that there is a way to be able to make a living whilst finding meaning in what we do. Whether it is about taking a different lens on the current role we are in, taking the next step in our career, or building a business, there is always an opportunity for change and that's what I am here for.

Through my coaching programme, I will help you:

  • Understand what really matters to you (direction & purpose)

  • Unfold and own your skills and talents (confidence)

  • Overcome your blockers (resilience)

  • Make a plan with actionable steps (strategy & accountability)

Coaching Programmes & fees



          30min call


It is important that you feel comfortable with the coach you want to work with. This initial call is to help you see if:


  • Coaching is the right approach for you

  • We are the right fit as trust is essential

It is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about myself or

the coaching process.

There is no-strings attached.




4 session Programme

This personalised programme includes:

  • 1 x 90min in-depth value session

  • 3 x 50min sessions

  • Email support in-between sessions

  • Coaching resources to guide you and support your transition

This programme will help you get clarity around your goal, your values and your strenghts. It will support you in identifying an action plan whilst having someone on your side to keep you motivated to take action.




4 session Programme

This self-paced programme in Partnership with UTOPY includes:

  • 5 modules to kickstart your career change or career development

  • 4hrs of content packed with coaching tools to help you identify your values, your strenghts and how to bring more meaning to your work, starting now

  • A 30min call at the end of the programme to support your transition and discuss your next steps.


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— Marios, Fitness Coach

“Thank you Coraline for bringing clarity back into my life and breaking down the barriers to connection and passion..”

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