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Personal Coaching


If you are here, it is probably because you believe something needs to change, and you may need a little help along the way.

Do you feel stuck?

Does a lack of confidence stop you?

Are you unsure of how/where to start?

Have you tried working it out on your own?


Then coaching could be for you

Create a Life with Purpose

Career Coaching

If you feel off-purpose, career coaching can help you get the clarity you need to take the next step.


Do you feel unfulfilled in your current job?

Do you think there must be more to work?

Are you ready to make that change?

Do you need help mapping out the next steps?


Now is the time to take action

Create a Career with Purpose

White Accessories

Business Coaching

If you are considering taking the leap as a solopreneur or a small business owner, this programme can support you.


Does starting a business excite you?

Are you ready to explore ideas?

Do you need support in taking the leap?

Do you want to make a difference?


Get started on your journey

Create a Business with Purpose


My name is Coraline and I am passionate about helping people make empowering choices for themselves to create the life they want.


I absolutely believe everyone can create meaning to their work and personal life. It is heartbreaking to be a passive observer of your own life rather than a fully engaged actor, and I know this from experience... because I have been there myself:

  • Feeling stuck with projects & ideas

  • Experiencing the imposter syndrome

  • Feeling off-purpose, knowing there must be more to life & work

  • Facing analysis paralysis & being overwhelmed with possibilities

  • Wanting to change something but not knowing where or how to start

  • Experiencing a lack of confidence & self-belief to try something else

I now coach amazing clients who are ready to take action, because deep down they know that there is more to be lived. Having worked, trained and volunteered in several countries such as India, Bali, France and the UK, I have met incredible people doing incredible things. These experiences have profoundly shaped my personal and professional development- all of which have helped me create an authentic and effective coaching approach.


With warmth, compassion and genuine curiosity, I take my clients on a journey towards creating a life that they actually can't wait to live.

Are you ready for a career change?

Take the quiz and get a personalised plan to start creating a career with purpose!


Eleanor Gibson

Innovation Consultant & business owner

"Coraline gave me the space and support I needed to work out what was best for me. I now feel more confident. I trust my judgement; I know more clearly what’s important to me. I have a life I dreamed about not so long ago..."


Mario L

Fitness Coach

"Coraline supported me with such fluency, professionalism and encouragement. She was someone I could easily trust with my most personal life challenges and feelings."


Clement G

Project Manager

"Coraline is a wonderful coach. Her professionalism and warmth put me at ease from the start. She has a talent for spotting what areas of your life matter to you most and for guiding you in your journey towards a happier self, whatever your objective is!"

Acceptance & Commitment Coach


NLP Practitioner

ABNLP Certified

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