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Marios L. - Fitness Coach

"Thank you Coraline for bringing clarity back into my life and breaking down the barriers to connection and passion "


I was going through a period in my life when I felt as if I was going round in circles. I was unfocused, unmotivated and expending too much energy simply trying to figure out what I thought I wanted. Fortunately, a friend recommended Coraline’s life coaching services to me. Initially I was a bit sceptical as I consider myself quite an aware person, thinking I know myself very well. I assumed it unlikely that somebody, especially somebody who does not know me, can offer me anything valuable. After all, I felt if I found it difficult to figure things out for myself, how can someone else do this?!


I was wrong. Coraline supported me with such fluency, professionalism and encouragement. Coraline is extremely warm, whereas even my often stand-offish character relaxed easily with her. She was someone I could easily trust with my most personal life challenges and feelings. She asked me powerful questions which stopped me in my tracks and made me change my whole perception or idea about particular aspects of my life. Coraline gently challenged me to get beyond certain limiting ideas I had about myself and gave me plenty of space to digest these changes. She was genuinely interested and listened carefully throughout our sessions, providing thoughtful input.


Our life coaching sessions were via skype. This was extremely convenient for me. Initially I considered that this may be not quite as effective as a face to face session but this was not the case. The sessions felt warm and connected. Also there was no risk of outside disturbances as the session took place in my living room with a cup of tea!


Thank you Coraline for bringing clarity back into my life and breaking down the barriers to connection and passion.

"I know that I can totally trust her and that we are going to work together to get the most out of the session"


My experience with the coaching sessions with Cora is amazing and very powerful. This is the second time that I have coaching sessions in my life. For me coaching is one of the best things I have ever done and it has allowed me to reach goals I have never thought would be possible for me.

I quit my job because I felt that I needed a break in my life to think and pursue my dream of working in something that mattered to me and that is aligned with my values. A couple of months after that, I met Cora in a personal development workshop prepared for groups where she was collaborating as a coach. I totally connected with her and her genuine way of guiding people to pursue their dreams or challenges. At that moment, I felt that I wanted her to accompany me on my next challenge and decided to take coaching sessions with her.

When having our coaching sessions, I am finding the perfect atmosphere to be myself, to explore and to challenge myself every time a bit further.


I love Cora´s sessions because she takes a holistic approach, putting into place not only the psychological perspective but also working with the body and its emotions, which has proved to me to be very powerful and tailored to my needs. I have always been a person who loves to read and who has a big interest in people's behavior. I was very impressed in our sessions at how I could connect inside myself my theoretic thoughts with emotions. This was very powerful.

Cora is cheerful, has a relax, genuine but also deep way to guide our sessions, so that I feel totally comfortable. Even when we explore deeper emotions, I know that I can totally trust her and that we are going to work together to get the most out of the session. Every time, I have the feeling that this will allow me to know better myself and keep moving forward towards my dreams.

I also love her curiosity about topics and the additional resources (websites, books, events) that she is providing to complete our sessions.


I would definitely recommend anyone to have coaching sessions with her if you are interested in challenging yourself, wantingt to pursue an “impossible” dream or if you would like to simply explore what it´s next in your life.


Eleanor Gibson-

Innovation expert and coach

"I have a life I dreamed about not so long ago, and I know coaching from Coraline has directly enabled me to create that"


I approached Coraline because I had some big life decisions to make. Everyone around me was giving me advice and telling me what they’d do; I felt trapped without space to think for myself. Coraline gave me the space and support I needed to work out what was best for me. Through questions, exercises and reflections I now feel more confident. I trust my judgement; I know more clearly what’s important to me. I have a life I dreamed about not so long ago, and I know coaching from Coraline has directly enabled me to create that.

"Coraline is a very special person, very encouraging and inspiring"

When we had the first call I immediately understood she was the right one. The coaching has been intense and I now appreciate those moments in which I felt uncomfortable, those moments in which I had to investigate deeper and also those moments in which I had to push myself into self-belief. She is an amazing professional with a human side and a long list of good questions to ask...


The journey has been intense and I am glad I had a good supporter!!! I strongly recommend her.

Sara T.

"Coraline is a wonderful coach"


I booked my first session with Coraline out of curiosity as I was interested to see what life coaching could bring me. After the first session, I was completely convinced! Coraline is a wonderful coach. Her professionalism and warmth put me at ease from the start and I found it easy to speak freely and let go. She has a talent for spotting what areas of your life matter to you most and for guiding you in your journey towards a happier self, whatever your objective is.

Clement G. - Project Manager