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My journey

Creating a career with purpose and positive impact has always been my dream.


In my teenage years, I was already wondering how I could help people and make a difference through work. At the time, I was heading towards a rather traditional path of 'studying, working part-time to gain experience, progressing in a company and planning my future', but a little voice in my head kept telling me there was more out there I could do. I had spent some much time and energy researching roles, industries, and businesses that I could fit into without ever trully finding my place. I knew I had to do things differently. 

So I decided to leave France for the UK in search of meaning and purpose. I spent the next 10 years exploring this question:






And here is what I have done in this time:

  • Traveled, volunteered and worked in several countries (India, Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, France, UK..)

  • Tested a dozen of different roles (volunteer, frealancer, consultant, teacher, trainer, lecturer, videographer, podcaster, content developer, course writer, coordinator, manager... coach)

  • Explored various environments (schools, universities, private companies, agencies, small/medium/large charities, NGOs, social enterprises, co-working spaces)

  • Discovered new perspectives (being employed, having my own clients)

  • Qualified as a coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Acceptance & Commitment Coach

  • Worked with people from different nationalities, backgrounds, age, levels of seniority and from different journeys

  • Delivered coaching and mentoring training, webinars and workshops

In those years, I have learnt so much about what a meaningful career meant to me but also to all the people I have worked and collaborated with. I have explored what is possible, what works and what doesn't, how clarity enables you to take action, how essential resilience is to any  form of change, how confidence can be empowering (or limiting!) depending on how you address it.






But 'purpose' and 'positive impact' mean different things for different people. Someone wanting to have their own flower shop may find meaning in feeling more connected to nature, being creative with flower arrangements, offering an inviting space for conversations and authentic connexions to happen, bringing life to their neighborhood and tackling isolation.  Someone wanting to work for an ethical company may not be too attached to a specific role but they get a sense of purpose knowing they can contribute to the vision of this organisation. There are many ways to find your own path and to make a difference - you just need to get started :)

Throughout my own journey, I really wished I had had someone who could have supported me; someone to believe in my abilities, to help me narrow down my focus, to encourage me to take action, to model resilience and self-care, to create a sense of possibility - but coaching was not around so much yet... :) 


I now accompany people in their journey to create a life they find their place in. Until now, I have helped clients create their own business or activity, transition into roles and organisations that were more aligned with their vision, change their environment and even go back to studying (to do a PHD)!

'How can I create a career with purpose and positive impact?'

Today, I am help people make a positive and meaningful change to their life - and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

My values

Commitment to personal development

Sharing my expertise and knowledge to empower

Authenticity & transparency in my approach & services

Connection & support

through building communities

Positive Impact through equal opportunities

My mission

To give people the opportunity to recreate their life, whether through their personal or professional circumstances.

To enable people to become fully engaged in their life by expressing who they are and finding their place in the world.

To contribute in creating a fairer society, giving everyone a chance to be financially sustainable by doing something they love.

To create an empowering space to build communities that help preserve our environment and improve livelihood.

My qualifications

Co-Active Coach

(Coaching Training Institute)

Acceptance & Commitment Coach

(Trained with Russ Harris)


(American Board of Hypnotherapy)


NLP Practitioner

(American Board for Neuro-linguistic Programming)

Your contribution

When you work with me, you are also contributing to creating a fairer, more responsible and connected society.


Currently looking for a women's charity to partner with- get in touch


Thanks to your trust, I can volunteer to support young women trying to change society & make their own impact


Every month, I offer a  concessionary fee on the Clarity Programme to someone who can't currrently afford the full price

Get in touch for a consultation

Thank you for your message. I will aim to get back to you within 48hrs.

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