Inspiring video: an interesting approach to tackling fears for reaching our goals

In his thought-provoking Ted Talk, Tim Ferriss shares a different approach to reaching our goals by tackling fears first. The coaching process usually evolves around motivation and fear: what matters to us and why, but also what is getting in the way. By taking the time to get a clear vision of our goals, we can plan the next steps more effectively. However, defining specific fears can help to bring them to the surface and harness what could, later on, derail us. If they are at the back of our mind, it means that they need to be heard and addressed.

Although my approach is holistic -taking into consideration the body, the mind and the emotions- I highly value the use of strategies that provide a framework to monitor progress. The model of 'defining-preventing-repairing' is a well structured tool to address three layers that fuel our fears:

1. Understanding our fears: what are they exactly?

2. When we do have a clearer idea of our fears, how can we minimise the likelihood of the 'event' actually happening?

3. If it does happen, what can we do to fix the situation and restore balance?

I find this 'map' useful in easing the mind that usually tends to focus on what can go wrong. By offering a 'down to earth' and strategic approach, you allow yourself to take action as you know there are practical ways to prepare for, anticipate and overcome possible undesirable outcomes.

Try it out for yourself- what goal do you currently have in mind? What is one of the fears that is holding you back? Get your strategy in place: what are all the possible ways you can 'define- prevent- repair'?

Feel free to email me if you are a coach, a client or a personal development explorer who wishes to share your experience after using this model!

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