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CIC's mission is to empower people through coaching. Well-being, emotions management, self-confidence are the key elements that lead us to happier lives and to creating a positive impact around us.

CIC is about cultivating authentic connections. Connection and collaboration are important values as it is core to our human needs and well-being.

Resources are available to support individuals in their journey to change. CIC's aim is to share knowledge with the community through blog articles, coaching tools, podcasts and articles. It is all about learning and sharing through personal development and inspiring ideas.

Positive impact is the core mission of CIC's work: impacting people on a personal level to connect them to their happier selves. When individuals are living fulfilling lives, the community directly benefits from it. Part of CIC's aim is to work with people for whom collective well being matters.

By coaching individuals and creating awareness on inspiring ethical businesses, change-makers are empowered to share their experience  and inspire others to do the same. This sustainable approach allows people from different backgrounds to accomplish their own mission in life and to find a supportive environment to keep growing as leaders.