Coraline Pawlak

Career and Confidence Coach

Confidence and Career Coaching with Positive Impact
In my life, I have navigated anxiety, uncertainty, fear of public speaking, low self-esteem and confidence. I have struggled for years trying to find a career with purpose that was aligned with my deepest values because I tried to 'fit in' rather than trust my judgement. I know too well the cost of hiding, of not feeling enough, of living through perfectionism. I have felt misunderstood when I wanted to dream bigger and be authentic in everything I created in my life. What mattered to me was to help people regain confidence when life was not so gentle on them, to help them rebuild a nurturing and positive environment, and to support them in creating a positive change for themselves and the people in their life or community.
In this search for meaning, I travelled to India, Vietnam, Indonesia and France.
I have explored my passions: yoga, personal development training & coaching, mindfulness, supporting women develop their weaving business in a mountain in Bali and teaching adults in small remote communities. I have tried different roles: sales assistant, teacher, trainer, course development manager, mentoring programme manager, university lecturer, content writer, videographer, coach. I have experimented different environments: schools, adult training centres, universities, private businesses, small/medium/large charities, social enterprises, employment, consultancy and self-employment. It wasn't always easy but it was (and still is!) such an empowering and meaningful journey that I can now use in service of the clients I work with. Through my experiences, I now know what is important to me but I also wish I had someone to help me along the way.
I do believe that everyone should have an opportunity to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Whether it is through Career Change, Regaining Confidence, Increasing Self-Esteem, Acting on your Passion, Building Communities- by living your values, you are creating a positive impact.
How I can help
My approach is positive, warm, caring, supportive, non-judgemental, compassionate, authentic, honest and empowering.
My clients are commited and ready for change. They are willing to explore new ways of thinking and do the work to get there.
The Coaching Programme I offer is for: confidence, career transition with purpose, wellbeing, anxiety management.
Credentials and CPD

  • Qualified Co-active Coach- Coaching Training Institute & ICF accredited

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitionner-- ABNP Accredited

  • NLP coach and practitioner- ABNP Accredited

  • Hypnotherapist- ABH Accredited

  • Timeline Therapy Practitioner- TimeLine Association Accredited

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Coach

  • Member of the Association for Coaching

  • Coaching for Performance- ILM Accredited